Six Heart-Warming House Plants That Make the Perfect Valentines Gift

Love is in the air this month in Sykesville. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to get your sweetheart, mother, or grandmother this Valentine’s Day, don’t spend tons of money on a bouquet of roses or carnations that are simply going to die in a few days. Give them something they can enjoy for months or years ahead while also providing them with a piece of the outdoors. Follow along as we list out and describe several heartwarming plants that make the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. With a little care, these houseplants will remind them of your affection for them year-round.

Lily of the Valley

Does your loved one enjoy the scent of flowers? With a sweet-smelling aroma and stems covered with tiny white bell-shaped flowers, this carefree house plant makes the perfect choice for the scented flower lover in your life. Place their Lily of the valley plant in a cooler room with partial shade to give it the environment it needs to grow. It prefers consistently moist but not soggy soil, and in the spring, it can be planted outdoors if the scent becomes too much.

The Bleeding Heart

The bleeding heart is a spring-blooming perennial that produces small heart-shaped pink flowers that appear bleeding or broken open. Have your loved one grow this gentle beauty in partial shade and in a cooler room, of their Sykesville area house, typically with temperatures below 65 degrees. Keep the soil moist and the foliage dry and repot as necessary to keep this charming plant thriving.


This brightly flowered plant is a symbol of hospitality inspiring happiness and abundance. Anthuriums are known for their heart-shaped, waxy flowers full of vibrant color. They come in several varieties and their long-lasting red, green, and white colors make them a popular centerpiece during the holidays. A native to the tropics, Anthuriums prefer bright yet indirect sunlight, higher temperatures, humidity, and slightly moist soil.

Sweetheart Hoya

Also given the term, the Valentine plant, the sweetheart hoya has thick, waxy leaves in the shape of a heart. You will probably find the plant sold as a single heart-shaped leaf but trust us when we say that this elegant beauty will grow into a vine containing a mass of bushy green hearts. It is extremely low-maintenance to care for but does prefer to grow in bright, indirect sunlight. Your loved one can get by forgetting to water this romantic gift, however, water it once a month for best results.

Heart-Shaped Philodendron

The heart-shaped philodendron makes the perfect Valentine’s gift for someone with a Sykesville area home or work office and tall ceilings. This is because, given the opportunity, the glossy green vine is a climber. It has heart-shaped, glossy leaves that emerge bronze and turn dark emerald green. To encourage stem growth, pinch the leaves after the leaf node, or you can pinch stems off at any time to keep the plant full and bushy. This delightful house plant grows best in moderate to bright light with slight humidity and lightly moist soil.

String of Hearts

Another climbing plant, the string of hearts, has trailing stems covered in small heart-shaped leaves that are typically green and silver but can sometimes contain a touch of pink. This attractive-looking trailing vine is long-lived and fast-growing. It prefers a lot of sunlight, so be sure to have your loved one hang it somewhere where it will receive bright but filtered sunshine. Like the sweetheart hoya, the string of hearts can go for days without water but when doing so, let the soil dry in between and provide it with deep hydration.

Many Plants Are Poisonous When Ingested by Cats and Dogs

Any of these plants would make a great gift that will last for months, even years. But as a precautionary note, some of them are toxic when ingested by cats and dogs. Therefore, it may be good to check with your local veterinarian or animal shelter before purchasing. Plants are incredible and can leave us with a sense of peace and decreased anxiety but not if followed by a furry friend’s illness.

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