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Say No More to Unwanted Weeds and Plants

Are unwanted weeds and plants taking over and ruining the look of your landscape? Is crabgrass a continuing problem along your sidewalk or walkway? Get in touch with American Lawn and Tree Specialists today and get professional vegetation control solutions. Our locally owned and operated company has been providing dependable weed control solutions in central Maryland for over 23 years.

Weeds are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. They come in different shapes and sizes, but all are hard to get rid of, that’s because weeds have developed aggressive growing patterns to ensure they survive. Some weeds cultivate directly from underground, while others accumulate from seeds carried long distances through the air. They appear just about everywhere, in our gardens, flower beds, along our fence lines, in our driveways, and sidewalks. It’s time to say no more and contact the professionals at American Lawn and Tree Specialists.

American Lawn and Tree Specialist's Reliable Vegetation Control Solutions

Our Vegetation Control Services take a six-step approach. Beginning in March, we put pre-emergent down. From that point on, we treat any active weeds with post-emergent. Our services target the following areas on your landscape:

  • Cracks
  • Crevices
  • Mulch beds
  • Fence lines
  • Bare ground
  • Stone driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Pavers
  • Blacktops
  • Vegetation
  • Control
  • Asphalts

Here in central Maryland, we have our fair share of weeds. However, the most commonly found are nutsedge, chickweed, spurge, and crabgrass.

Crabgrass is one of the most common yet annoying weeds. It typically germinates in the spring, grows throughout the summer, and then dies in the winter. During their life-cycle, they can produce a large number of seeds to ensure you’ll be fighting them again next year. Crabgrass seeds can lay dormant in your yard for years so fighting them is a constant battle.

Nutsedge is a perennial weed that begins to sprout around the same time as crabgrass and is pretty easy to identify. It can grow to be one to three feet high and is typically thicker than grass. At the ends of its blades are three yellow flowers, which help aid in its identification. Nutsedge has an extensive root system that grows deep into the ground, making it hard to eliminate. The best way to get rid of nutsedge is through hand-pulling.

Common chickweed is a winter annual that likes to show its ugly head when central Maryland receives a lot of cool, wet weather. It’s tolerant of a variety of conditions and can produce seeds five weeks after germination distributing over 800 seeds. These seeds can lay dormant in the soil for up to ten years.

Spurge is an annual weed with hairy stems and tiny dark green leaves with a red spot. Its seeds begin to germinate as soon as the soil temperatures heat up in the spring. It thrives in weak areas of your lawn, landscaping beds, sidewalk cracks, and crevices. It is an opportunistic weed and will grow just about anywhere it can.

Keep Unwanted Vegetation Under Control

Weeds and other unwanted plants can ruin the look of your well-maintained lawn and landscape. Don’t let this happen to you! Get in touch with American Lawn and Tree Specialists today and get professional vegetation control solutions. And, get a FREE No-Obligation lawn estimate. Contact us Now!

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