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Improve the curb appeal of your property with a thick, luscious green lawn. Hire the professionals at American Lawn and Tree Specialists for the most exceptional lawn care services in central Maryland. We offer an Organic-Based Lawn Care Program for the health and maintenance of your central Maryland lawn, as well as a variety of other services to help combat weeds, diseases and ensure your turf stays healthy year-long.

Organic-Based Lawn Care Today, Healthy, Sustainable Grass for Tomorrow

Our Organic-Based Lawn Care Program
American Lawn and Tree Care’s Organic-Based Lawn Care Program is a full program offering the appropriate amounts of fertilization needed for healthy nourishment with the precise amount of weed control desired to maintain a clean, fresh lawn. We start each new customer with a soil test. This crucial step helps identify your current soil’s pH level and nutrient deficiencies. It enables our knowledgeable specialists to provide personalized lawn care solutions that best suit your lawn. The maintenance that we provide your grass today affects the outcome of your grass tomorrow.
Round 1- Early Season
An early-season treatment with a pre-emergent for crabgrass control. This application will help discourage early germinating summer annuals, and any broadleaf weeds present will be treated at this time. The main weeds active are winter annuals such as chickweed, henbit, bittercress, and wild onion.
Round 2- Spring
A slow-release fertilizer, pre-emergent weed control, and a post-emergent for active broadleaf weeds. This application will enhance color for the spring, reinforce crabgrass protection and eliminate active weeds present. Targeted weeds currently include dandelions, clover, ground ivy, among others.

Round 3- Late Spring
A late spring/early summer slow-release fertilizer. We are also looking for any active broadleaf weeds and crabgrass to treat throughout the lawn. This will continue to feed the lawn and keep it healthy through the summer. Target weeds currently are clover, violets, plantain, oxalis, ground ivy, etc. We are also inspecting for disease and/or insect problems and recommending solutions for your lawn and landscape.
Round 4- Early Summer
A soil conditioner with beneficial bacteria is applied to encourage healthy soil for healthy roots. Continuing to support resiliency during the summer is an important step for healthy turf. We also spot treat the lawn for any broadleaf weeds present, weather depending, and inspect for other active pests.
An organic-based fertilizer to help stimulate and support healthy summer recovery. We are also looking for any broadleaf weeds to spot treat. At this time, we can recommend beneficial fall practices based on your lawn like core aeration and overseeding.
Round 6- Fall
Fall fertilization is designed for early fall to stimulate root development and fall color. Spring and fall are the best time to control weeds, so broadleaf weed control is included for any weeds that may be present in the lawn. If the lawn is seeded, then dry fertilization is applied appropriately for early fall to support root development and fall color.
Round 7- Late Fall
A late-season Fertilizer. The fertilizer applied is a special blend for this time of the season to enhance color, promote root development, and ready the turf for the winter months ahead.

**Soil testing is conducted every three years for on-going customers to determine any nutrient deficiencies and if any changes need to be made to your fertilization routine.

Additional Lawn Care Services American Lawn and Tree Specialists Provides

To ensure your landscape is in optimal condition throughout the year, we also offer additional services to help with soil compaction, disease, and other factors that affect your lawn. American Lawn and Tree Specialists is your one-stop shop for all things lawn care. Because quality is our top priority, we aim to provide you with the best lawn care possible in all of central Maryland!

Soil Testing
A soil sample from your lawn is taken to have analyzed for proper soil pH and to correctly identify nutrient deficiencies. It is strongly recommended by the Maryland Dept. of Agriculture to have it performed at least once every three years if you are having your lawn professionally fertilized. This will identify the need for lime, supplemental phosphorus, or potassium. Limestone: Raises soil pH level, which allows for nutrients to transfer between the soil and plant. The amount needed is determined by the soil test results.

Phosphorus: Helps with cell development within the plant. The amount needed is determined by the soil test results.

Potassium: Helps with root development and stress recovery in the turf. The amount needed is determined by the soil test results. Also, it has shown as a good tool for disease control when applied in Late Fall.


Core Aeration
Aerating reduces soil compaction, a natural occurrence in our area, enabling the roots to grow and allows oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil. Experts agree that aeration should be done at least once, in some cases twice a year. The spring and fall seasons are the best times to aerate your lawn. Fall aeration and overseeding are best for minimum weed germination, and this is when the roots are most actively growing. If your turf is thin in areas, the lawn should be overseeded when aeration is done.

This is the process in which you thicken the existing turf with new high-quality grass seeds. Overseeding is particularly effective after aeration because the aerated, loosened soil is now ready to accept the growth of the new seeds. We use high-quality turf-type tall fescue.

This service is designed for bare areas on the lawn. This is a more aggressive approach compared to aeration and overseeding.

Power Raking
A great way to remove dead debris and crust that builds up on your lawn, we recommend having power raking performed in early spring before new growth has begun. Power raking is also a good method for removing small amounts of thatch.

Disease Control
Even the healthiest lawns can suffer from lawn disease. Lack of water, heat stress and other environmental factors can cause disease to surface. Often they are hard to identify and distinguish from other problems such as lawn damaging insects, improper irrigation techniques, or dull mower blades. If your turf is experiencing brown patches, dead grass, or other symptoms, call American Lawn and Tree Specialists for help in identifying the cause, and together we will develop a solution.

Grassy Weed Control
This program is designed to control perennial grasses present in the lawn. Specifically, Bermudagrass, Nimblewill, Bentgrass, and Dallisgrass grass types are controlled with three properly timed treatments. It is recommended to follow this program up with seeding.

Grub Control
A sub-surface insect control targeted for grubs is applied to protect the lawn against grub damage in late summer.

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