Only the Best in Lawn and Tree Care for Our Friends in Gaithersburg

It has been stated that the residents of Gaithersburg have an exceptional quality of life. It is home to award-winning neighborhoods and high-ranked schools. Gaithersburg has a plethora of outdoor adventures including, parks and markets and an array of museums, bars, shopping, and nightlife. A small town with an electric feel, Gaithersburg deserves only the best, and our landscapes here prove it. American Lawn and Tree Specialists offer superior lawn care services with outstanding customer service to the residents and businesses of Gaithersburg and beyond.

Ask Us About Our Organic-Lawn Care Program

Why not start by improving the look of your Gaithersburg property today with that dark green velvet look you’ve always dreamed of. American Lawn and Tree Specialist’s Organic-Based Lawn Care Program is a full-service plan. It provides nourishment for your grass, weed control for a well-manicured clean look, and insect control to help stop surface insects from devouring the blades of your lawn. It’s a six-step program and includes a soil test at the onset of your service and once again every three years. Contact us to learn how this professional, personalized lawn care program can benefit you.

Your Gaithersburg Ornamentals Deserve the Best in Tree and Shrub Care

A great lawn care company knows that lawn care doesn’t just stop with your grass. It encompasses your entire landscape. Your decorative trees and shrubs need tender loving care as well. American Lawn and Tree Specialists love your trees and shrubs as much as you do. We understand they have different needs than your turf. Like grass, they too are prone to disease, insects, and climate stressors of their own. Aside from the various insects and diseases that can harm them, not knowing how to properly care for trees can be just as deadly. Often, people like to grow trees that aren’t well adapted to local conditions and in soils that have poor drainage. Too little or too much water can be detrimental to a tree, depending on its type. Before planting a new tree here in Gaithersburg, make sure it is adapted to your location and situation.

For all Your Lawn and Tree Care Needs, Call American Lawn and Tree Specialists

American Lawn and Tree specialists are experts in tree and shrub care and can answer any questions you may have regarding caring for and tending to your lawn ornaments. Our Six-Step Tree and Shrub Care Program offers deep-root fertilization for added nourishment, horticultural spray to expose and eliminate insects, and disease control for added protection. Contact American Lawn and Tree Specialists today and receive a FREE No-Obligation tree and shrub estimate!

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