Bel Air

The Residents and Businesses of Bel Air Deserve Only the Best in Lawn Care

The center of Harford County, Bel Air is an upscale community and home to many young professionals and retirees. The area is considered one of the best places to live in Maryland. Therefore, it is no wonder the citizens and businesses of Bel Air expect their landscapes to look aesthetically appealing. American Lawn and Tree Specialists have been providing Bel Air and surrounding areas with superb lawn and tree care services since 2005.

Identifying Lawn Problems on Your Bel Air Lawn

Like all of Maryland, Bel Air has its share of lawn problems. We get many calls regarding the issue of grass turning brown. Brown spots are often misdiagnosed by homeowners as there are a variety of reasons you could be seeing them, including disease activity, insect infestation, soil conditions, drought, watering incorrectly, and improper mowing. We understand the local climate patterns, diseases, and lawn conditions, so you can put your full trust in us to identify and resolve the issue.

Disease Prevention
Disease prevention is a year-round effort combining fertilization, consistent maintenance, and well-timed lawn care services. Investing in a lawn care program such as American Lawn and Tree Specialist’s Organic-Based Lawn Care Program ensures your lawn receives the perfect fertilization plan throughout the year. Proper nourishment can help aid in the prevention of disease and other issues.

Disease Control
Even the healthiest lawns can suffer from lawn disease. Lack of water, heat stress and other environmental factors can cause disease to surface. Often they are hard to identify and distinguish from other problems such as lawn damaging insects, improper irrigation techniques, or dull mower blades. If your Bel Air turf is experiencing brown patches, dead grass, or other symptoms, contact American Lawn and Tree Specialists for help in identifying the cause, and together we will develop a solution.

Grub Control
The tiny larvae of scarab beetles, grubs have a giant appetite for none other than your lawn! Grubs are grass-eating scavengers and will bury themselves within your turf, lay their eggs and devour your lawn. If your turf is beginning to die, leaving brown patches and wilting grass in random spots throughout your grass, there is a good chance you have grubs. Contact the professionals at American Lawn and Tree Specialists. Our Grub Control Service will eliminate these little buggers and help revitalize your grass again. 

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